Our Philosophy

Jerome Bruner-Founder of Discovery Learning Approach

Discover-U Learning Center provides care and education to children ages 2-5 years. We offer a safe, nurturing learning environment, where children of all backgrounds and ability levels are welcome. We emphasize the importance of toddlers establishing and maintaining a secure, trusting relationship with caregivers, as this promotes greater emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Toddlers and older children will receive guided instruction via a comprehensive, theme-based preschool curriculum. Our center focuses on the “discovery learning” approach {Jerome Bruner}, which encourages children to build on their existing knowledge in order to acquire new information. This is a method of inquiry-based instruction, which allows children to use their imagination and creativity to explore their natural environment in order to solve problems and learn.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy and able to provide parents with resources and support around child care and child development. In addition, parents of children with special needs or disabilities shall be ensured that their children will receive individualized instruction and accommodations to meet their needs, based on their IEP/IFSP. We believe that strong, open, and communicative relationships with families will create the consistency needed for young children to thrive both at home and at school. Early childhood years serve as the foundation of life, and have been shown to have a profound, long-term impact on future success and outcomes. At Discover-U, we will treat our time with children as critical for shaping generations to come.